Ideally, having an air conditioner that works efficiently offers homeowners the best defense against the humid and hot summers in the Midwest! In the days ahead, we’ll be putting our boots and sweatshirts away and bringing out the flip flops and sunscreen to get ready for the blazing hot days of summer. There are ways to curb the extreme heat (that can be hard on your AC Unit when it’s working overtime). Below you’ll find some cool tips to help with lowering your utility bills WHILE keeping you and your family comfortable.

Install and use programmable thermostats.

It’s true: raising your thermostat just a few degrees when you’re not at home can really cut down on energy costs. A recommended temperature is 78 degrees during the summer months.  Many homeowners have programmable thermostats, but don’t fully take advantage of the scheduling options. Using a programmable thermostat will not only keep your house comfortable when you’re home, it will also help you cut down on the expense of running your air conditioning at a cooler temperature when no one is around to appreciate it.

Turn off lights, fans and electronics when you leave the home.

Leaving on lights and fans when you are not at home can unfortunately raise utility costs. Running your HVAC system can compose about 50% of your utility expense, so it’s best to turn off any TV’s, lamps, and other electronics to cut down on extra, unnecessary costs. It’s also environmentally smart to shut off any devices using electricity when not in use.

Might be time for a leak check.

Is your air conditioner running more than usual? There is a chance your air conditioning could be escaping from doors and windows. Weather stripping added to any window gaps will help keep the hot air out of your home and the cool are “in”. As summer begins, it’s smart to go through the home and check for any leaks that could be present due to weather stripping needing repair or replacement.

Use your curtains, blinds and shades to block out the heat.

During the hot summer days and when you are at work, it’s best to keep the blinds closed to keep the unwanted heat out of your home. Another tip is if you have blinds, tilt the slats so they face upward to help reflect light away from the interior of your home. Constant, repeated sunshine can fade furniture, floors and more.

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