Now is a great time to landscape all of your outdoor spaces. From flower and vegetable gardens to outdoor decks and walkways, selecting the perfect assortment of plants can create a picturesque yard to be enjoyed all summer long! When trying to determine the best way to landscape around your outdoor HVAC unit, here are some handy tips from our friends at Trane.

There are ways to landscape around your HVAC unit, but some preparation and proper care is important. When planning your landscaping, leave proper clearance around the outdoor unit when planting and remember that debris can cause damage to the unit if not routinely cleaned. It’s also important to leave enough space between the unit and the plants to ensure airflow is not restricted around the coils.

Strategically plant trees and bushes around an HVAC unit.

Ideally, make sure plants are at least 2-3 feet from the unit on all sides. Plan landscaping so access is accessible around the unit in the event repairs or maintenance may be needed. Also, we all know landscaping can be costly, and investing in beautiful trees and plants that can get damaged during the unit’s repair or replacement can be upsetting. If you have trees or plants growing above the unit, it’s smart to trim them regularly to keep a 5-foot clearance.

Landscaping can help your unit operate better.

Using landscaping around the unit does offer more benefits than just making the area look pretty. Efficiency can be improved if there is shade to the HVAC unit because it keeps the temperature down, helping the unit to work better. When the unit is in a shadier spot of the yard, it doesn’t have to work as hard to cool. Viviano can help you determine the most efficient spot for your unit, whether it’s new construction or a remodeling project.

Pick the right plants.

There are many options to choose from when selecting the perfect plants to incorporate into your landscaping! Look for plants that don’t lose leaves during winter months to reduce the amount of sweeping around the unit. Typically, homeowners prefer hedges that can be trimmed to certain heights and shapes. Some homeowners prefer using lattice work around the unit with climbing vines because it’s a low maintenance, attractive option. Whatever you prefer, remember to trim and clean the area regularly to keep debris from harming the unit.

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