If you have an older, inefficient HVAC system in your home that has received numerous repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement. Older systems that have not been under warranty for quite some time create higher utility bills and can also begin to break down. Don’t be caught on a hot summer day without air conditioning – or without heat in a snowstorm!  The team at Viviano HVAC is able to assess your existing system and recommend options. We always put the customer first and will never pressure our customers into buying something that isn’t necessary or recommended. 

Other things to consider include:

  • Is your HVAC system still under warranty?
  • How old is your existing system? Air conditioners usually last about 10 years, with furnaces lasting closer to 20.
  • Have your energy bills been increasing? Older HVAC units are usually less efficient.

Viviano Heating and Air Conditioning also offers a Maintenance Membership Program that keeps your system working at its best! With our program, you are able to be proactive with your HVAC system maintenance, saving money in the long run. Learn more here.

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