Humidifiers are essential for combating the harsh winter air trapped inside your home and have many benefits for homeowners. These benefits include reducing dry air conditions that irritate your asthma and allergies. A humidifier works by balancing the air in your home to find the perfect amount of moisture for complete comfort, even on the coldest days.

The Benefits of a Humidifier

One of the benefits of a humidifier is its ability to reduce the amount of sleepless nights a person experiences. Humidified air mitigates flu-like symptoms and relieves respiratory discomfort by loosening mucus and unclogging stuffy noses. Reducing dry air will lower irritation in the throat and nose, eliminating nosebleeds and itchy throats. Other benefits include hydrating dry skin, relieving allergies, and protecting furniture.

Signs You Need a Humidifier

Many signs of low air quality can easily be fixed by installing a humidifier. If you notice dryness in your throat, skin, or lips, it may be associated with low humidity levels from a lack of moisture in your home’s air. Along with the effects on your body, dry air can damage your home’s furniture, paintings, and woodwork. Additionally, if you start noticing any of these signs or other physical signs of dry air, such as recurring nosebleeds, snoring, and static electricity buildup, it could be time to start looking into installing a humidifier for your home.

Choosing a Humidifier for Your Home

Viviano’s steam humidifiers offer a “true” humidity level, setting them apart from other humidifiers. Humidifiers connected to furnace systems only reduce humidity when the furnace is on. Viviano sells steam humidifiers that run independently of the furnace, allowing it to be on its own schedule. Our humidifiers reduce your home’s dry air and provide the most advanced true humidity levels.

Maintaining Your Humidifier

Without regular maintenance and upkeep, humidifiers can cause and worsen health problems. If not properly cared for, the dirty water inside your humidifier tanks and filters will grow bacteria, fungi, and mold. Severe infections and bodily injuries can come from releasing mist and steam infected with bacteria, fungi, and mold into the air. Do not use cleaning agents with toxic chemicals on your humidifier to prevent breathing in harmful vapors.

Find an HVAC Specialist to Help

If you notice signs of dry air in your home, it may be the right time to start looking into a humidifier. Viviano is a reliable HVAC specialist servicing the Metro-East Area for over 30 years. We carry top-rated products that offer the ultimate care and comfort to the air in your home. Check out our website and contact our team to learn more about how we can help maintain the air quality of your home year-round.