Viviano Heating and Air Conditioning believes in giving back to the communities they serve. From sponsoring little league teams to larger, community events, Viviano supports numerous organizations and businesses in a variety of ways. In addition, this Collinsville-based business has been in operation for over 30 years. Family-owned and operated, Viviano serves the Metro-east for all of their heating and cooling needs while also actively supporting people in need.

The metro-east is our home.

Most of Viviano’s customers know the Viviano team members from shopping at the same stores, enjoying the same restaurants and attending the same churches. Angie Malawy, the office manager for Viviano for over 20 years, believes the personalized service is what sets Viviano apart from other heating and cooling companies. “After years of servicing a customer’s heating and cooling and putting their comfort as a priority, it’s always a pleasure to get to know the client on a more personal level,” said Angie.

Viviano has a community sponsorship page on their website that lists a small sampling of some organizations they have supported over the years. If you or your business have an organization or mission in need of funding help or support, there is a sponsorship form available requesting consideration at Some of the current sponsorships by Viviano include Edwardsville Neighbors, Kicks on 66 happening this fall, and Smokin’ on Main where 100% of the proceeds go to local non-profits.

The importance of trust.

Viviano understands that support from the community is important to their continued success and is excited about the future. Currently, Viviano is looking for qualified individuals to join their growing team of technicians and installers. Viviano hires and trains the best in the business! You can learn more at Additionally, Viviano plans to continue to give back to the community and to not take for granted the trust earned over the past several decades.

About Viviano Heating and Air Conditioning

Viviano Heating and Air Conditioning has served the Metro-east area and beyond for over 30 years, serving both residential and business customers. Our highly trained staff of installers and technicians love what they do and it shows. If you are shopping for a new air conditioner or need service on an existing system, Viviano has a team of expert installers and technicians that can help determine the best, most energy-efficient system for your needs. Give us a call at (618) 345-7498 so we can get your home ready for the change of weather ahead.