Common Home Heating Issues and What They Mean

Your home’s furnace is crucial to your comfort during the cold Midwestern winters. However, like most appliances, it requires proper maintenance and repairs to keep it running efficiently. Thankfully, when it comes to furnace troubleshooting, there are telltale signs and symptoms that indicate you’re due for a checkup.

Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

Generally, dirt and neglect are the leading reasons for HVAC system failures. To prevent issues in your home, the best thing you can do is be proactive. You can complete some quick furnace troubleshooting by checking the following:

  • First, make sure the thermostat settings are correct. The heat is on, and it is set to your desired temperature.
  • Next, check that your filter has recently been replaced or cleaned. Dirt, hair, and dust can accumulate over time, which is why it’s recommended to replace your filter about every three months.
  • Ensure power is going to your system. Is your system getting electricity? If not, you may need to check your home’s circuit breaker. Some models require batteries that may need to be replaced as well.
  • Additionally, check to see that the pilot light is lit. Older gas furnaces require a pilot light to work.

Warning Signs of Maintenance or Repairs

Once you’ve ruled out the above items with your furnace, it’s important to be on the lookout for common warning signs for maintenance or repairs. These signs often include:

  • Loud or strange noises that can’t be identified or fixed
  • High energy bills
  • Short heating cycles and inconsistencies with your home’s temperature
  • Yellow or flickering pilot light
  • Water leaking or pooling near or from your furnace

Any of these can indicate more serious problems with your heating system. Therefore, homeowners should contact an HVAC professional to address issues immediately.

Call Viviano To Help With Your Home Heating Needs

While it can be easy for homeowners to neglect their annual maintenance visit, the consequences, and costs that come with major repairs or replacing the system can add up quickly. That’s why it’s so important to make time to inspect your system. Regularly troubleshooting your furnace for problems certifies that you’re being proactive when it comes to your home’s comfort.

Avoid the cold this winter! If you notice changes in the performance of your heating system, schedule an appointment with Viviano. Our expert heating and cooling technicians can make sure your system is running efficiently all season long.